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Microsoft Hotmail is a great tool to update emails, instant messages, Xbox LIVE, and other Microsoft’s services – all with a Windows Live ID account. In addition, a new cloud storage service called OneDrive lets you access the files in your mailbox, on the personal computer, Mac, iPad, and smart phones.

In this post, we will introduce to you how to create a Hotmail account to experience the useful features of this service.

====>>> hotmail login

Follow easy steps below:


  1. Access to website:

Here you have two options: sign in, or sign up with a Windows Live account and a Hotmail address. If you have already owned a Windows Live account, all you need to do is log in, use two boxes at the right of the web page. If you haven’t had a Windows Live account, click the Sign Up button (Register) framed as below.


  1. Fill the required information in the registration page.

Here you will enter your e-mail address you want, as well as the personal information and privacy information.


  1. Fill your personal information.

Fill in the information that you want to use to login including: name, date of birth, and gender.

Note: These information are not necessary to be true. However, if you use fake information, save them to review in case you forget later.

– Create a username. Enter your name in the Microsoft account name blank and make sure that you choose @

Note: you can use an existing e-mail if you want, but in this example we will use a Hotmail address.

– Create a password. Use at least 8 characters including capital letters and lowercase letters. Add the number in order to increase security. To create a strong password, use all 16 characters offered and use at least one uppercase character along with a number.


  1. Enter contact information.

Fill in your mobile phone number or email alternate email address that will be used in case you forget your password or your Hotmail hacked.

– You can also select a security question of the options below and the answer contains least 5 characters.


  1. Enter your country/ region and zip code.


  1. Confirm that you are not a computer.

Perhaps Microsoft is very serious about distinguishing computer with humans, or maybe they just want to limit spam. Anyway, they will ask you to type a Captcha before you can accept your user and using account agreement.


  1. Accept the terms of use and privacy policy.

At the bottom of the page, there are two blue paths to materials on term of use and privacy policy of Microsoft. These may not be necessary to read, but you must agree with them. Click “I agree” in the bottom of the page to complete the registration process.


  1. Log in to your email account.

Visit the Hotmail website again to log into the email account you just created.

Wish you successfully!

If you use gmail, please see the article: gmail sign up

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