Outlook allows you to save files directly to OneDrive

Microsoft said Oulook.com users could save files directly to the company’s cloud storage service OneDrive.

To use Outlook, you need a Hotmail account. Refer to our tutorial to create your own Hotmail fastest. After successfully signed up, you just log in to Hotmail account then you can use its smart utilities.


In recent months, Microsoft has launched many improvements to its online services and most recently they’ve allowed Oulook.com users to save attachments directly to cloud storage service OneDrive.

Now when you click on an attachment, you have three options: View Online, Save to OneDrive, or Download.

If you click the OneDrive option, it will save the document to your cloud storage which is quite handy as then you can access that document anywhere you have a OneDrive app installed.

This feature is still being tested and has not been widely released, but it shows Microsoft’s efforts in linking its services to create a diversified and more useful platform for users.


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